Corner Seeds

Corner Seeds

They’re seeds… that corn… They make corn… They’re corners… That works, right?

I used the flash on this one to enhance the contours of the dish and to bring out the satin and shine of the kernels. I found that flashing at 50% zoom brings out the best contrasts in macro photos, at least for me with the Canon G16.

For #FlickrFriday’s “Corner” and Macro Mondays’ “Seeds” challenges.

You can’t make a cornier pun than this one. But I can, of corn.

My God, it’s full of monoliths!

My God, it's full of monoliths!

They could be monoliths, or they could be books, or laptops. I don’t know. But they’re the stars of the tie. The way the fabric folds gives it the optical illusion of the slabs being 3D and floating in front of the knot, with a parallax toward the back.

I’ve had this Arrow tie from before 2001. The label says it’s 100% silk printed in Italy, but made in the USA. The colors are yellow and dark blue, so don’t get into any white/gold/blue/black arguments.