White Horses, Red Carriage, Blue Bucket

White Horses, Red Carriage, Blue Bucket

At the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center in Hartford, CT.

Breeze, Light

Breeze, Light

For this week’s FlickrFriday challenge “Second Wind” and Macro Mondays challenge “High Key”.

To get the high key effect, I used the white space of Macro Monday’s discussion of the theme as the background, and used a full-spectrum light on the front of the fan, from off to the right. This really brought out the texture.



Ornithogalum umbellatum, also known as grass lily, nap-at-noon, and eleven-o’clock lady. Originally a cultivated garden plant, now gone feral in New England.

There are two flowers shown, one open and one closed.

At the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities offices in Hartford, CT.

Corner Seeds

Corner Seeds

They’re seeds… that corn… They make corn… They’re corners… That works, right?

I used the flash on this one to enhance the contours of the dish and to bring out the satin and shine of the kernels. I found that flashing at 50% zoom brings out the best contrasts in macro photos, at least for me with the Canon G16.

For #FlickrFriday’s “Corner” and Macro Mondays’ “Seeds” challenges.

You can’t make a cornier pun than this one. But I can, of corn.

Fear of Depths

An experiment in depth perception. I tried to focus on the foreground and exaggerate the depth of the background to make an inch-high wad of shredded white paper look like a great height. Lighting from the side instead of directly on the subject helps with the effect.