Coyoty eats apple walnut pancakes.

At Mo’s Midtown Restaurant in Hartford, CT.

Apple walnut pancakes with bacon, home fries, English muffin, and coffee.

Mo’s interior.

Coffee and condiments. I was impressed by the coffee. They told me it was “Connecticut’s Finest”, which appears to be One World Roasters online.

They were bigger than I expected. I couldn’t finish even two.

Inktober 3rd – The Wondrous Whirling Walnut

I’ve had this walnut for 30 years. I found it in a friend’s bowl of holiday nuts. I gave it a spin expecting it to fall over quickly, but it kept going and going. It was a perfectly balanced walnut and I was not about to let it go or eat it. I will have this walnut to the end of my days.…