LEGO announce new bricks to help visually impaired children learn Braille

The toymaker announced a new product aimed at helping blind and visually impaired children learn Braille. The product is currently being tested in several different languages and will be widely available in 2020.



Most people would shine a flashlight under their chin when telling scary stories around a campfire, but Tigress thinks she looks spookier lit from the side.

Technical notes: I lowered the contrast to reduce the glare and make her face look a little darker. She’s holding the keychain flashlight herself in her right hand, which is steadier than me holding it and trying to take the photo with one hand.

Queen for a Day. Monday.

Queen for a Day.  Monday.

Unlike another striped cat, Tigress loves Mondays. They mean she might dress up and pose for a Macro Mondays challenge, which for this week is “Queen”. What’s the point of being an action figure if you don’t get any action? Today she feels like royalty!

For her raiment, she’s chosen a crown with a stunning blue tiger’s eye stone. Because she’s a tiger, and she’s got a good eye for haute couture, which is this week’s FlickrFriday challenge.

This is another successful experiment in depth perception, and the use of a tablet for lighting and effects. I found a stock photo of London to display on the tablet, which is propped just two inches behind Tigress. The brightness of the tablet darkened her front, so I lit her with a full spectrum lamp. When I brightened the photo in Photoshop, the effect of the lamp made the background look like a bright sunlit day, and the bokeh makes it look like a realistic distance behind her.

Hey! Get down from there!

I shouldn’t have tried to hide the cookies over the TV.

I fiddled with the indirect light of a floor lamp off the wall to get what I thought was a good balance of gradation and color. Ochre is a good color.

I found that a difference in brightness changes the expression on Sly’s face significantly. A little darker or brighter and he looks lifeless. At this level, with the way his eye reflects the light, he looks like he really wants those cookies.

Inktober 2nd – The Monitor Lizard

The colorful monitor lizard basks on top of my computer at work. It’s a beanbag toy I found at a dollar store years ago and the pun potential was irresistible, especially because the place where I worked then was usiing a platform called Chameleon.

Silver and black Sharpie ultra fine point markers and various colored highlighter markers on copy paper.