Grand Canyon Will Soon Be a Dark Sky Park | Smart News | Smithsonian

Grand Canyon Milky Way

After three years of retrofitting lights, the national park will soon be certified by the International Dark Sky Association

Source: Grand Canyon Will Soon Be a Dark Sky Park | Smart News | Smithsonian

Pittsburgh Skyline with Furries

Pittsburgh Skyline with Furries

Fursuit cruise on a riverboat on the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, PA during Anthrocon 2018.

RIP Everett “Bud” Wright

My father passed away Monday morning. These are photos from Hartford Hospital Sunday night, Father’s Day, when I visited him for the last time.

A bud for Bud. This bud vase was in the car next to mine when I parked in the hospital’s garage.

The view from my father’s hospital room.

High Noon

This was a happy mistake.  I was aiming for the taller tree on the right because the sun was directly above it and me, but with the sun in my eyes, I missed.  I like this better, with much more sky and the sun more gently gradiating from the corner.

High Noon | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.