Coyoty eats amazing Lao-Thai food.

At the East West Grille Lao-Thai Restaurant in West Hartford, CT.

Many reviews say this restaurant has the best and most authentic Thai food around, and I believe it. Everything here was excellent, especially the wok roasted mussels. Normally I would start off with photos of the main entree, but the mussels were so good, I have to start with them.

Lao Wok Roasted Mussel shells in sunlight
Lao Wok Roasted Mussel shells in sunlight.

Lao Wok Roasted Mussels
Lao Wok Roasted Mussels. “Quick hot stir fried mussels with sweet basil & bell pepper. Served in a wok.” This is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.  They weren’t tiny mussels either; they were big and meaty and spicy.  It’s probably their signature dish, but I’ll have to go back and try everything else to make sure. Successful restaurants should have at least one dish people will keep going back for.