On the Side of the Road

On the Side of the Road

Working with tiny paper cutouts is unexpectedly difficult. Paper fibers, clumsy fingers, and static keep moving them away from where you want them to be.

All paper is recycled from the photo Synecdoche Orange and Blue. I just happened to have a coyote hole punch that’s perfect for tiny silhouettes. The background is a fabric sample for a recliner. I really like that color.

Photographed for this week’s FlickrFriday and Macro Mondays challenges.

It’s THERE in black and white.

I considered cropping it so it would just be THERE, but realized how the eyes are drawn to THERE automatically, and decided it would be more interesting to leave it THERE as it is, for better or for worse.

Fear of Depths

An experiment in depth perception. I tried to focus on the foreground and exaggerate the depth of the background to make an inch-high wad of shredded white paper look like a great height. Lighting from the side instead of directly on the subject helps with the effect.