Coyoty eats a bourbon pork chop.

With fingerling potatoes. At Amici Italian Grill in Middletown, CT. I took my father and the rest of the family there for Father’s Day.

My swirly coffee.

Dad’s green tea.

Focaccia bread.

Salad with peppercorn dressing.

Coyoty eats bourbon molasses wings.

At Jerry’s Pizza in Middletown, CT.

Sweet heat. They were awesome.

Joey Chunks disapproves of my swirly coffee.

Mussels in a garlic white wine sauce. I didn’t expect so much. I could only eat one wing and had to save the rest.

Mussels close-up.

Grandmother’s House

Grandmother’s House | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

This house belonged to my step-grandmother until she passed away.  I was in the neighborhood and wanted to see how it looked today.  The house next to it is built on a subdivision of the property my family owned in the ’70s.