Coyoty eats a rabbit.

At Bigelow Grille in Pittsburgh, PA in June.

Pecan Meadows rabbit with “English peas, Heirloom carrots, morel mushrooms pappardelle, pearl onions”, pasta, and watercress.

Kentucky Spring: “Jalapeno infused Jim Beam Bourbon, lemon, lime and fresh mint.”

House-made focaccia bread and dipping oil.


Water and plant.

Bigelow Grille patio.

Mojito ice cream.

Coyoty eats a ribeye steak.

At Ten Penny in Pittsburgh, PA in July, with challenging lighting.




Faux caipirinha. They didn’t have the cachaça for a true caipirinha, so they used a sugary rum.

Brussels sprouts and garlic whipped potatoes.

Foil-covered chocolate coin.