Tigress could use a break about now. She may think the situation is ropeless, but all she needs is a little focus.

Depth can be enhanced by having the background lit darker than the foreground.

Photographed for this week’s FlickrFriday and Macro Mondays challenges, “Shot from Above” and “Broken”.


Frozen World

When you know your camera’s disadvantages, you can use them to your advantage. I’ve found mine has trouble focusing on small bright shiny objects for macros. Too close and it wants me to turn on the flash. Turn on the flash and it won’t focus on the object, or it’ll wash it out.

For this photo I managed to balance all the exceptions to get a spacey science fictiony new agey album/book cover of an orb, slightly out of focus. With the albedo, it looks like it could be a moon of a gas giant.

I used a frosted glass marble on white paper in low lighting with the flash off. No editing was done except for the signature.

Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossoms

Malus pumila. At the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU) main offices in Hartford, CT.

I did try to brighten up the photo because the day was overcast, but that washed out all the subtle details and made the colors garish, so I left it as it was taken. It looks much better in the natural light, unedited.

Dark Brightness and Bright Darkness

Dark Brightness

Dark Brightness

Companion to Bright Darkness.

This photo was taken in bright light without flash on auto focus, but the camera overcompensated for the light and darkened the area around the fixture. I love the shades of brown that resulted. The ceiling itself is actually white. No editing was done besides the signature.

Bright Darkness

Bright Darkness

Companion to Dark Brightness.

This photo was taken in low light without flash with the slowest shutter speed on the camera. Despite the dimness, the long exposure collected enough light to wash out the subject. No editing was done other than the signature.

Fall of the Undead

Some dead leaves still have a little bit of green in them and turn to vampirism, sucking the remaining life from the veins of other leaves to preserve their own.  They can only be destroyed by strong light or driving a rake through them.

This photo is backlit by a computer monitor, with no zoom, getting right up in the creature’s face.  The leaf is lying flat on my desk, but the angle of the lighting makes it look like it’s standing up.

I did nothing to the leaf to create the demonic face, bat wing profile, and expression of dreading the light behind it.  I found it like that.

’51 Studebaker Avon Spicy Aftershave bottle

Vintage dark blue glass cologne bottle.  I’m not sure how old it is, but it’s old.

I thought this was going to be the worst of the photos I took of it, with the flash being so close, but it turns out to be the best.  The depth of field was enhanced so that the background looks like it’s radiating from a distant point.  The lighting added “clouds” to the fuzzy backdrop, and made it look like grass in the foreground.

Entryway details at Gillette Castle

At Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam, CT.

Lighting detail.

Each window in Gillette Castle, like the doors, is unique, with different wooden mechanisms. This gear-like latch keeps the window open at different degrees.