Coyoty eats The Bernie.

At m&m bistro in Hartford, CT.

Bernie Sanders burger: “Roasted and pickled jalapenos, spicy Vermont cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and sweet pepper aioli on a New England muffin.” Includes fries, baby gherkins, and a charitable donation to

Coffee, cream, and sugar.

Presidential Burger Primary menu.


The bar.

Serving window and kitchen.


Coyoty eats fried chicken chunks and potato salad.

At Greer’s Chicken in Bristol, CT.

Greer’s is considered one of the best fried chicken places in Connecticut. It’s quite small, with no inside tables, so you can only get take-out right now unless you want to freeze in the dark in the picnic area.

These were good-sized chunks of real chicken breast, with as good a crust as any fried chicken I’ve had. 10 were filling enough for me. Everyone raves about the regular chicken, so I’ll try that next, extra crispy.



Coyoty eats The Mona Lisa.

From Pizzeria Da Vinci in Rockfall, CT.

The Mona Lisa: “Broccoli rabe, sausage, fresh garlic and spices topped with asiago cheese”. This was listed as a large pizza, but it should be “enormous”. I couldn’t fit the box in my refrigerator with the leftovers, which unfortunately left the box for the floor when I tried to make it fit.



Five liters of Foxon Park soda. As Peregrin Took would say, “It comes in liters?!” I’d only seen Foxon Park sodas in single-serve bottles. Of course, I bought the lot. The flavors are Cherry, Iron Brew, Gassosa, Extra Dry Pale Ginger Ale, and White Birch.