Coyoty eats boneless braised short ribs and boozy hot chocolate.

At J. Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville, CT.

“Incredibly tender boneless beef ribs, mashed potato, garlicky spinach and apples, laced with burgundy demi glace”.

I forget the liquor it was originally served with, but I supplemented it with Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

That guy in the back is just someone I work with. Ignore him.

Coyoty eats a black Russian bagel, spicy hot chocolate, and blueberry shake.

At the Harvest Country Store in West Hartford, CT.

Black Russian bagel, spicy hot chocolate, and blueberry shake
Toasted buttered pumpernickel & sesame bagel, hot chocolate with chili syrup, and Shady Glen blueberry ice cream shake.

Snack and sandwich counter
Snack and sandwich counter.

Country store
A lot of gourmet snacks, candies, drinks, and home-made sandwiches and pies.