Mitzi Shore, Whose Comedy Store Fostered Rising Stars, Dies at 87 – The New York Times

Ms. Shore was a critic, confidante and caretaker for comics like Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, George Carlin, Sandra Bernhard and Jim Carrey.


The Lone Journalist on the Scene When King Was Shot and the Newsroom He Rallied – The New York Times

Earl Caldwell made history before he wrote it on the night of April 4, 1968, when he reported firsthand on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. for The New York Times.

The Thacher Calculator | The Thacher calculating instrument … | Flickr

“The Thacher calculating instrument was patented in 1881. It was cylindrical and could slide back and forth, giving it the power of several individual slide rules. It could do multiplication and division, and calculate interest, roots and powers of numbers to about five significant figures. It was also accurate to within about .01%, incredible accuracy for that time.

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