Scottish Singles Used to Spend Halloween Picking Kale – Gastro Obscura

This work by painter Richard Waitt depicts a Scottish jester or fool holding a kale lantern (note the candle at the top)—a practice that was part of 1800s Halloween parades.

The leafy green once foretold the future.

Source: Scottish Singles Used to Spend Halloween Picking Kale – Gastro Obscura

Japanese Pepsi Halloween Cola

Japanese Pepsi Halloween Cola

That pink is scary. The flavor is supposed to be secret and guessed. Some guess cherry or strawberry candy, but I think it’s more like raspberry and bubble gum. Not even cola.

I didn’t edit the photo even though the lighting was dark because the colors and contrasts came out more spooky as is.

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Fall of the Undead

Some dead leaves still have a little bit of green in them and turn to vampirism, sucking the remaining life from the veins of other leaves to preserve their own.  They can only be destroyed by strong light or driving a rake through them.

This photo is backlit by a computer monitor, with no zoom, getting right up in the creature’s face.  The leaf is lying flat on my desk, but the angle of the lighting makes it look like it’s standing up.

I did nothing to the leaf to create the demonic face, bat wing profile, and expression of dreading the light behind it.  I found it like that.