Coyoty eats Easter dinner.

Easter with family and friends.

Glazed spiral ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and biscuit.

Basket of biscuits and crescent rolls.

Hugging the Bandit.

Leeloo MultiPass. Not her real name, but that’s what she’s called.

Glazed spiral ham.

Spatchcock. Whole chicken split down the breast, spread, and broiled.

Sleeping Bandit.

Coyoty eats a hotel buffet luncheon.

At the Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA in July.

Chicken, beef tips, green beans, salad, pasta, rice, a watery lemon drink, water, roll, and butter.

Caramel almond cheesecake.


Coyoty eats a banquet luncheon.

In the Westin Hotel at Anthrocon 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA in July.

Chicken, beef tips, baked pasta, rice pilaf, green beans and carrots, roll and butter.

Caramel cheesecake with chocolate and nuts.

Coyoty eats grilled pork tenderloin.

At the Corner Pug in West Hartford, CT.

With stuffing and sauteed green beans.

Personal loaf of bread.


Hosmer Mountain sodas. Sarsaparilla Root Beer, Cream Soda, and Black Cherry. Local Connecticut sodas made with brown sugar.