Trump’s transportation secretary used her profile to help her family’s business interests in China, NYT reports

I wonder if Trump got a cut, not just of this, but other administration members’ rackets.

According to an NYT investigation, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has “repeatedly used her connections and celebrity status in China to boost the profile” of her family’s shipping company. This has resulted in the company seeking benefits from the expansive industrial policies in Beijing.

Illusion of Value

Illusion of Value

It costs more to make a penny than it’s worth. The materials, manufacturing, and distribution add up to 1.5 cents for each cent, and at an estimated 13 billion pennies made each year, the mint loses almost $200 million a year on them.

For Flickr Friday’s “Illusion” and Macro Mondays’ “Copper” challenges.

Japan is set to be the new main source of rare earths

Japan looks to replace China as the primary source of critical metals, with enough of several elements to supply industries for hundreds of years.

Source: Japan is set to be the new main source of rare earths