My father’s burial.

At Young Street Cemetery in East Hampton, CT.

Dad’s grave. The folded flag was donated to VFW post 5095. The stuffed wolf was buried with his urn. He loved wolves.

My father got a 21 gun salute from the VFW. Unfortunately, the primary family members were seated where we couldn’t get a good look, or stand up because the seats were so tight and cramped.


Cemetery sign.

Coyoty gets his kicks on Route 66.

At Johnny’s Snak Shak in East Hampton, CT.

Moose dog, fries, and vanilla shake. Hot dog with bacon, chili, and onions.

Johnny’s counter.

Life needs no red lights.

Dad’s memorial photo. My father was a regular there and I found they’ve had a photo of him on a wall apparently since 2012, according to the date. When I told them I was his son, they wanted to give it to me, but I told them they should have it.

RIP Everett “Bud” Wright

My father passed away Monday morning. These are photos from Hartford Hospital Sunday night, Father’s Day, when I visited him for the last time.

A bud for Bud. This bud vase was in the car next to mine when I parked in the hospital’s garage.

The view from my father’s hospital room.