Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

Coyote is sure he’s a beauty.

Collector’s coin of Coyote from the Gunnerkrigg Court web comic by Tom Siddell. It shows Coyote’s eye and grin over the surface of the moon, which has Annie’s fingerprint on it.

For Flickr Friday’s “Adage” and Macro Mondays’ “Eye of the Beholder” challenges on Flickr.



“Clan” by Primal Visions, 2005.

Expertly glazed stoneware coyote figure with running coyotes painted on the side.  The top glaze is a mustard color that blends into sky blue on the lower body and black on the belly, tail tip, and feet.  There are other tribal symbols on the body, such as hunters, a breath path, and a bear claw.  I should show the whole thing when I get the time.  I’d say it’s the best piece in my collection.  Photographed as a high dynamic range macro for this week’s FlickrFriday and Macro Mondays challenges on Flickr.