Hardy Fox, of the Avant-Garde Band the Residents (Maybe), Dies at 73 – The New York Times

He never admitted that he performed with the group, whose members remained anonymous behind masks as they playfully subverted rock conventions for decades.


Ghost of Halloween Past

Ghost of Halloween Past

I accidentally took this photo of an old Coyoty head when trying to get another photo. I wasn’t even aiming. He doesn’t look happy about being replaced.

Phantom of the Bowling Alley

Phantom of the Bowling Alley

A ghostly Wildwolf haunts Johnson’s Duckpin Lanes in Hamden, CT in a spirited one-piece werewolf ensemble.

Wildwolf shows that if you’re going to be an apparition, you can do better than manifesting in a plain sheet. Unless you’re Mr. Boo. He can look good in any linen.

Greater Hartford Maker Faire 2016: Hi-4 Steals Pizza – YouTube

Hi-4 Entertainment cast members steal pizza from Faire participants in the courtyard. I can’t take them anywhere.

At the 2016 Greater Hartford Maker Faire at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT.