Stephen Colbert on the Political Targets of Satire – The New York Times

“Not everybody is as mockable as everybody else, and some mockability doesn’t have consequences.”

Mitzi Shore, Whose Comedy Store Fostered Rising Stars, Dies at 87 – The New York Times

Ms. Shore was a critic, confidante and caretaker for comics like Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, George Carlin, Sandra Bernhard and Jim Carrey.

Chuck McCann, Zany Comic in Early Children’s TV, Dies at 83 – The New York Times

He acted onscreen, was the voice of Cocoa Puff’s Cuckoo Bird and greeted his neighbor with “Hi, guy!” through a shared medicine chest in a deodorant ad.

Ken Dodd, Veteran British Comedian, Is Dead at 90 – The New York Times

“He married his longtime partner, Anne Jones, on Friday.” Ummm… “It’s your funeral” is supposed to be just an expression… (Coyoty)

A titan of a vanishing age of comedy, Mr. Dodd played a record 42 straight weeks at the London Palladium and enjoyed fame comparable to the Beatles’. (NYT)

The Tick Clip: The Terror Workshops His Maniacal Laugh | Collider


In a new clip from from Amazon’s The Tick Season 1, Part 2, The Terror (Jackie Earle Haley) needs to see something maniacal to make him laugh maniacally.

Source: The Tick Clip: The Terror Workshops His Maniacal Laugh | Collider