Coyoty makes a Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Baked Trader Joe’s turkey breast tenderloin with Trader Joe’s Brussels sprouts, Trader Joe’s mashed potatoes, Trader Joe’s gravy, and Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning. The only thing not Trader Joe’s is the Saint Lucifer Spice I added to the turkey.

If I had known it would take a couple of overnights to defrost a couple of tenderloins, I’d have had Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving instead of Saturday.

Yes, The Plate is back. Gush away.

Coyoty eats a ribeye steak.

At Ten Penny in Pittsburgh, PA in July, with challenging lighting.




Faux caipirinha. They didn’t have the cacha├ža for a true caipirinha, so they used a sugary rum.

Brussels sprouts and garlic whipped potatoes.

Foil-covered chocolate coin.