Coyoty eats a sandwich and sundae.

At Friendly’s in Bristol, CT.

Sweet Red Chili Chicken Supermelt sandwich with fries and coffee.

Hunka Chunka PB Fudge sundae. Peanut butter fudge ice cream sundae with whipped cream, Swiss chocolate sauce, walnuts, and a cherry.

Friendly’s interior.

Coyoty eats Wendy’s Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries.

“Brave the sandwich that is equal parts nice and spice with our classic spicy chicken breast, fresh-diced jalapeños, ghost pepper sauce, colby pepper jack cheese, and a red jalapeño bun.” From Wendy’s in Bristol, CT.

The quality of the chicken continues to go down. I remember when their chicken sandwiches were juicy, but this was dry and little better than the cheap breaded chicken patties you get in the supermarket.

“With fresh-diced jalapeños, our signature ghost pepper sauce and melty shredded cheddar, you’ll want to hold on to these hot potatoes.” From Wendy’s in Bristol, CT.

I could barely read the signature. The sauce is spicy, but not really hot, and tasted manufactured. The diced jalapeños look manufactured, like they’re made of plastic, and could just as well have been bell peppers. The fries were barely fried, and undercooked. The “melty shredded cheddar” is standard cheese sauce.

Coyoty eats fried chicken chunks and potato salad.

At Greer’s Chicken in Bristol, CT.

Greer’s is considered one of the best fried chicken places in Connecticut. It’s quite small, with no inside tables, so you can only get take-out right now unless you want to freeze in the dark in the picnic area.

These were good-sized chunks of real chicken breast, with as good a crust as any fried chicken I’ve had. 10 were filling enough for me. Everyone raves about the regular chicken, so I’ll try that next, extra crispy.