Japanese Pepsi Halloween Cola

Japanese Pepsi Halloween Cola

That pink is scary. The flavor is supposed to be secret and guessed. Some guess cherry or strawberry candy, but I think it’s more like raspberry and bubble gum. Not even cola.

I didn’t edit the photo even though the lighting was dark because the colors and contrasts came out more spooky as is.

Purchased from napaJapan.com.

Coyoty drinks Avery’s Pumpkin Pie Soda.

From Avery’s Beverages in New Britain, CT.

I’ve switch the room lighting to full spectrum LED instead of the yellowish compact fluorescent lighting. I like the improvement.

’51 Studebaker Avon Spicy Aftershave bottle

Vintage dark blue glass cologne bottle.  I’m not sure how old it is, but it’s old.

I thought this was going to be the worst of the photos I took of it, with the flash being so close, but it turns out to be the best.  The depth of field was enhanced so that the background looks like it’s radiating from a distant point.  The lighting added “clouds” to the fuzzy backdrop, and made it look like grass in the foreground.