Coyoty eats a half-rack of baby back ribs.

At Wood -n- Tap in Rocky Hill, CT.

With sweet potato fries and cole slaw. I was told they would be fall-off-the-bone and I could eat them with knife and fork. I didn’t get to pick them up because the bones slipped right out, and I didn’t need a knife. I probably could have eaten them with a spoon. Good ribs.

Salad with blue cheese vinaigrette.

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin and coffee.

Coyoty eats Saucy Balls.

At Emporio (“A Meatball Joint”) at Sienna Mercato in Pittsburgh, PA in July.

Saucy Balls on spaghetti. Spicy pork meatballs with chili pepper and herbs in pork bolognese sauce.


Goose Island grapefruit ale.

Emporio’s bar.

Coyoty eats wild boar meatloaf.

At Sharp Edge Bistro Penn in Pittsburgh, PA in July.

“Wild boar and sirloin blended meatloaf, with creamy wild mushroom reduction, served with Belgian Frites”. I had onion petals instead of the fries.



Wells’ Banana Bread Beer.

Sauteed asparagus.

Crispy fried onion petals.

Coyoty eats cod & chips.

At McLadden’s Irish Publick House in West Hartford, CT.

“Beer battered fish served with fries & tartar sauce.”


Sign inside.

Band performance area.


Sunlit Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Black Ale. Imported Irish black ale. One of the better ales I’ve had. Delicious.

Coyoty eats southwest chicken cheese soup and crab cake panini.

At Sharp Edge Bistro Penn, a Belgian imported beer restaurant, in Pittsburgh, PA.


Coyoty eats a shrimp and lobster bake.

At the Sharp Edge Bistro Penn, a Belgian and import beer restaurant, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Shrimp and lobster bake
Baked shrimp and langostino macaroni & cheese with green beans, roll, and honey jalapeno Buffalo bites.

Fox Barrel imported English pear cider
Fox Barrel imported English pear cider.