Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice. – The New York Times

The evidence is too weak to justify telling individuals to eat less beef and pork, according to new research. The findings “erode public trust,” critics said.

Long-Simmering Soup at Wattana Panich – Gastro Obscura

Discover Long-Simmering Soup at Wattana Panich in : At a Bangkok bistro, one pot of beef stew has been cooking non-stop for more than 45 years.

Source: Long-Simmering Soup at Wattana Panich – Gastro Obscura

Coyoty eats boneless braised short ribs and boozy hot chocolate.

At J. Timothy’s Taverne in Plainville, CT.

“Incredibly tender boneless beef ribs, mashed potato, garlicky spinach and apples, laced with burgundy demi glace”.

I forget the liquor it was originally served with, but I supplemented it with Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

That guy in the back is just someone I work with. Ignore him.