Harlan Ellison Dead: Sci-Fi Writer Was 84 – Variety

Harlan Ellison Dead

Sci-fi author Harlan Ellison, who contributed to TV series including “The Outer Limits,” “Star Trek” and “Babylon 5,” has died.

Source: Harlan Ellison Dead: Sci-Fi Writer Was 84 – Variety

Just a spoonful of sugar.

Just a spoonful of sugar.

Souvenir from Garfunkel’s, a restaurant in London’s Piccadilly Circus. I wanted to have it sitting on an image of Mary Poppins, but couldn’t get the lighting right.

I ate at Garfunkel’s right after an apparent bomb threat in Piccadilly Circus in August 1998, and perhaps during it. I had just been taking a photo of one of the square’s statues and when I looked around I found I was in the middle of a taped-off area. For some reason the police didn’t notice me there in plain sight. Troops were marching into the square and I quickly got on the good side of the tape. Police were pushing everyone further and further back from the area, and when I asked an officer how far we should go, he said, “It depends on how much you want to live.” They stopped pushing just before Garfunkel’s, and it was supper time, so I supped there. The staff told me bomb threats were a common occurrence and everyone had a sheet of questions to ask anyone calling in with a threat. I couldn’t find anything in the news about the incident afterward.

I was in London for the Babylon 5 Wrap Party. Harlan Ellison served me black pudding in his pajamas there, and I got to put a tipsy James White to bed one night.

The statue photo was the last one on the roll and didn’t turn out, of course.


Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Conventions collection

Babylon 5 Books from Creator J Michael Straczynski.

For those like me who forgot the anniversary.

Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Conventions: The Fan Experience Package

Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Conventions: The Fan Experience
✔  Coverage of Both Monumental Events: Phoenix Comicon & Space City Con
✔  Two Books of Annotated and Elucidated Transcripts Covering Each of the 22 Panels
✔  22 Hours of Panel “Reference” Videos
✔  Official, Authorized, Uncut and Uncensored

Coyoty eats Mister Garibaldi’s Suicide Pizza.

From Pizza Time in Hartford, CT.

As ordered by Babylon 5 security chief Michael Garibaldi: Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes. The sun-dried tomatoes make the pizza, and are a new must-have topping. I had trouble finding a place that has them, though. Some day I’ll find a place that has both sun-dried tomatoes and pastrami, and I’ll be in heaven.