Vote for Cthulhu!

Vote for Cthulhu!

Why choose the lesser evil?

At Anthrocon 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA.


Anthrocon 2016: Still More Fursuit Badgers – YouTube

An hour after I first shot it, the fursuit badge line is still going.

Anthrocon 2016: Fursuit Badger Fursuit Badger Fursuit Badger Fursuit Badger – YouTube

Long line of fursuiters waiting to get shiny acrylic badges identifying them as fursuiters, right after the convention’s opening ceremony. Really long line. Soooo long.

Coyoty eats a hotel buffet luncheon.

At the Westin Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA in July.

Chicken, beef tips, green beans, salad, pasta, rice, a watery lemon drink, water, roll, and butter.

Caramel almond cheesecake.