Glaciers Are Retreating. Millions Rely on Their Water. – The New York Times

Glaciers are crucial sources of water for people and crops in Central Asia. But global warming is causing glaciers there and around the world to shrink every year.

Gillette Castle Lily Pond Reflecting Blue Sky

Gillette Castle Lily Pond Reflecting Blue Sky

Nymphaea alba. At Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam, CT.

Funnel Wet

Funnel Wet

Rain-soaked funnel web on the lawn of Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT. The tunnel can be seen in the center. I think this is probably the web of a grass spider, like the one that visited my office last November, or maybe a wolf spider.


Drop in!

A closer view of the tunnel.

The silk is so fine that it’s invisible and it looks like the droplets are levitating. Any prey will probably not see it in good weather, and the spider will jump out and grab it as soon as the web is disturbed. The silk also seems to create a screen effect that sharpens the edges in the photo and intensifies the contrasts.

Early Thaw

It was in the upper 60s in Connecticut, and Fallsview Park in Seymour was roped off because of the rush of melt water in the Naugatuck River going over the Naugatuck Falls.

Don’t trust burrowing rodents for weather advice. They aren’t trained climatologists.