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Everything We Know About Denis Villeneuve’s Dune So Far

Everything We Know About Denis Villeneuve’s <i>Dune</i> So Far

Here’s everything we know about Denis Villeneuve’s forthcoming adaptation of the notoriously difficult-to-film sci-fi epic “Dune.”

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DC Universe’s Titans

I saw the first episode of Titans over the weekend and liked it. It’s updated the team for 2018, which upsets a lot of the old school fans, but I don’t think the 1980s origins would translate well to the present. Another stick in people’s craws is the series is Not For Children. There’s a lot of swearing and bleeding and adult themes, which is probably why there’s no Teen in the title. It’s not gratuitous, though; it’s all related to the story. More mature themes would go along with more mature writing, since this isn’t written for kids, it’s written for adults who can think at an adult level. It doesn’t dumb down the storytelling, which will probably lose viewers expecting all the answers to be easy. The best analogy I can think of is it’s Watchmen’s style applied to the mainstream DC Universe.

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