Museums Scramble to Document the Pandemic, Even as It Unfolds – The New York Times

The college where I work is doing this, too. If you have documentary photos, please find an institution that is doing this so you can donate them.

Light Field Lab Secures $28 Million to Develop Holographic Displays

Light Field Lab, known for its advancements in light-field display technology, successfully completed a Series A funding round, scoring the firm over $28 million in venture capital to manufacture and distribute working products. The investment round was led by Bosch Venture Capital and Taiwania Capital. Light Field Lab hopes to build large scale light-field displays …

Source: Light Field Lab Secures $28 Million to Develop Holographic Displays

Illusion of Value

Illusion of Value

It costs more to make a penny than it’s worth. The materials, manufacturing, and distribution add up to 1.5 cents for each cent, and at an estimated 13 billion pennies made each year, the mint loses almost $200 million a year on them.

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