Why an Heiress Spent Her Fortune Trying to Keep Immigrants Out – The New York Times

Cordelia Scaife May’s Colcom Foundation finances several “nativist” organizations and causes.


The Vegetarians Who Turned Into Butchers – The New York Times

How several former vegans and vegetarians across the country came to see meat as their calling.

BBC – Travel – The US island that speaks Elizabethan English

The island of Ocracoke in North Carolina is known for its distinct ‘Hoi Toider’ brogue (Credit: Credit: Peter Ptschelinzew/Alamy)

Native Americans, English sailors and pirates all came together on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina to create the only American dialect that is not identified as American.

Source: BBC – Travel – The US island that speaks Elizabethan English

Dementia Stopped Peter Max From Painting. For Some, That Spelled a Lucrative Opportunity. – The New York Times

Now Peter Max’s associates are trading lurid allegations of kidnapping, hired goons, attempted murder by Brazil nut and art fraud on the high seas.

Navajo Nation homes get electricity after years in the dark

Jimmie Long Jr. places the glass on an oil lamp inside his Kaibeto home on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona.

The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority typically connects from 400 to 450 homes a year, chipping away at the 15,000 scattered, rural homes without power on the 27,000-square-mile reservation that lies in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

Source: Navajo Nation homes get electricity after years in the dark