Tablets are convenient, but they can’t beat the feel of a good book. The pages, the bindings, the fabric, the covers, the papercuts…

It’s not a computer monitor, but the tablet is just as good for getting unique “moonlight” lighting on a subject, this time from below and the subject directly on the light source.

For the curious, the book is Volumes I & II of the complete Burton translations and notes of “The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night”.

For this week’s Macro Mondays’ challenge, “Member’s Choice: Texture”.

Watch: Marvel, Oculus Announce New VR Co-op Title ‘Powers United VR’

Watch: Marvel, Oculus Announce New VR Co-op Title ‘Powers United VR’

Now you can BE Rocket Raccoon in virtual reality! Marvel and Oculus announce a VR game only for the Rift where you can play Marvel characters like Rocket Raccoon and the Hulk from their viewpoints, virtually in their bodies.