Who Owns H.I.V.-Prevention Drugs? The Taxpayers, U.S. Says – The New York Times

In an unexpected lawsuit, federal officials claim that Gilead Sciences willfully disregarded government patents on medicines necessary to end the AIDS epidemic.

He Acquitted 5 Men of Murder, Then Shot Himself – The New York Times

He said he’d rather die than live with the shame of convicting innocent men. He survived, and is facing charges.

Mental hospital patient died in dogpile; no charges filed – ABC News

William Avant was crushed to death by 13 employees of a South Carolina mental hospital in January.
They did not report his death until this month.
They dogpiled him to restrain him. He couldn’t breathe.
No one checked his condition.
His death was ruled homicidal suffocation.
No one was charged. Because they didn’t know any better.
Or maybe, like police officers or corporation executives, hospital staff don’t go to jail for malpractice.

Source: Mental hospital patient died in dogpile; no charges filed – ABC News

Trump’s transportation secretary used her profile to help her family’s business interests in China, NYT reports

I wonder if Trump got a cut, not just of this, but other administration members’ rackets.

According to an NYT investigation, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has “repeatedly used her connections and celebrity status in China to boost the profile” of her family’s shipping company. This has resulted in the company seeking benefits from the expansive industrial policies in Beijing.