Spinning Water Droplets That Seemingly Defy Physics – Video – NYTimes.com

Chinese researchers have discovered a new way to make water droplets spin, creating a potential new kind of hydropower.


Frozen World

When you know your camera’s disadvantages, you can use them to your advantage. I’ve found mine has trouble focusing on small bright shiny objects for macros. Too close and it wants me to turn on the flash. Turn on the flash and it won’t focus on the object, or it’ll wash it out.

For this photo I managed to balance all the exceptions to get a spacey science fictiony new agey album/book cover of an orb, slightly out of focus. With the albedo, it looks like it could be a moon of a gas giant.

I used a frosted glass marble on white paper in low lighting with the flash off. No editing was done except for the signature.

Greater Hartford Maker Faire 2016: Weird Gears – YouTube

A 3D-printed kinetic sculpture with unusual gears. At the 2016 Greater Hartford Maker Faire at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT.