Man using world’s first thought-controlled prosthetic

Two years after surviving a car crash but losing his arm, Junius Moore — the first recipient of DEKA Research and Development’s “LUKE Arm” — will be able to work in his restaurant and play with his 7-year-old son again.


New Hybrid Robot Uses Living Muscle Tissue to Move

Researchers in Tokyo say they’re a step closer to creating more complex and lifelike body parts made of living tissue and mechanical skeletons.

Source: New Hybrid Robot Uses Living Muscle Tissue to Move

Rplate Pro Digital License Plate | Uncrate

Apparently California and Arizona now allow digital license plates.

Rplate Pro Digital License Plate

Cars have changed a lot of the last 100+ years. Their plates haven’t. The Rplate Pro replaces those antiquated pieces of stamped metal with a…

Source: Rplate Pro Digital License Plate | Uncrate

The US Once Launched Millions of Copper Needles Into Space

Earth once had a ring of copper, and bits of it are still there.

When it comes to imagining new technology, the sky is the limit. No point in letting your scheme get bogged down by reality when you’re just brainstorming. But sometimes, ideas that really shouldn’t make it out of the brainstorming session escape into the real world. Or worse — into low-Earth orbit. This is the story of how the U.S. once launched millions of copper needles into space on purpose.

Source: The US Once Launched Millions of Copper Needles Into Space

Rusty Power

Rusty Power

It sounds like the name of a male dancer, but it’s really the negative charge clamp for my car’s battery. Tricks of the ambient light make the greenish areas look like they’re radioactive and glowing, and the forward bolt look three-dimensional.

Photographed for the Macro Mondays “Rust” and FlickrFriday “Power” challenges on Flickr.

Only One App

Only One App

Magic-Brain Calculator, purchased from a TV Guide ad in the 1970s. All it does is add and subtract things, but it does it without electricity, mechanically. It came with a stylus, but you can use a pen or pencil tip to slide the geared tabulators. When done, you zero it by pulling the handle at the top.