The Ascent of USB

The Ascent of USB


Rusty Power

Rusty Power

It sounds like the name of a male dancer, but it’s really the negative charge clamp for my car’s battery. Tricks of the ambient light make the greenish areas look like they’re radioactive and glowing, and the forward bolt look three-dimensional.

Photographed for the Macro Mondays “Rust” and FlickrFriday “Power” challenges on Flickr.

Only One App

Only One App

Magic-Brain Calculator, purchased from a TV Guide ad in the 1970s. All it does is add and subtract things, but it does it without electricity, mechanically. It came with a stylus, but you can use a pen or pencil tip to slide the geared tabulators. When done, you zero it by pulling the handle at the top.

The Thacher Calculator | The Thacher calculating instrument … | Flickr

“The Thacher calculating instrument was patented in 1881. It was cylindrical and could slide back and forth, giving it the power of several individual slide rules. It could do multiplication and division, and calculate interest, roots and powers of numbers to about five significant figures. It was also accurate to within about .01%, incredible accuracy for that time.

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Man Reports Sensation In Missing Fingers Using Oculus Touch

Bob Murphy was born without the pinky, ring and middle fingers on his right hand. With VR, he was able to feel them for the very first time.

Source: Man Reports Sensation In Missing Fingers Using Oculus Touch