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Seuss Doctor

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At Furpocalypse 2014 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel (now Radisson) in Cromwell, CT.




Tigress could use a break about now. She may think the situation is ropeless, but all she needs is a little focus.

Depth can be enhanced by having the background lit darker than the foreground.

Photographed for this week’s FlickrFriday and Macro Mondays challenges, “Shot from Above” and “Broken”.

“The Leftovers” spoilers

Everyone’s worried that the end of the “The Book of Kevin” spoiled the series, when the beginning was even worse.  It showed a woman faithfully following a preacher who foretells an end of the world that never happens, and is ostracized in the end.  Which will be the outline of the series.  Nora will follow Kevin through his trying to stop the end of the world, and he’ll succeed, but when the end of the world doesn’t happen, Nora will be ostracized and deny she’s the mad woman on the roof.

I wonder how many times the world has been saved by those who warn of the end and go unacknowledged, even by themselves.  Or just give the world a little reprieve, while the rock slips a little bit more.

Oculus Studios Launching Ghost in the Shell VR Experience This Week

Source: Oculus Studios Launching Ghost in the Shell VR Experience This Week

It’s not the full movie, but Oculus Studios will be releasing supplementary virtual reality media for the Rift and Gear headsets on Friday. It will be more than just 360 videos, with users able to explore 3D environments from the movie.

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

Ghost in the Shell