Parents of West Point Cadet Fatally Injured in Accident Obtain Order to Preserve His Sperm – The New York Times

Peter Zhu, the cadet who died last week, dreamed of having children. His parents said a court order to retrieve his sperm was their last chance.

The Grinch’s Dog

I don’t know what my brother Shawn is smiling about. Someone is trying to steal his Christmas dinner.

Trevor Noah: The First Time I Drove a Car. (I Was 6.) – The New York Times

Born and raised in South Africa, Mr. Noah talks about growing up poor there, and his mother’s beat-up, tangerine Volkswagen Beetle.

Source: Trevor Noah: The First Time I Drove a Car. (I Was 6.) – The New York Times

Coyoty eats Easter dinner.

Easter with family and friends.

Glazed spiral ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and biscuit.

Basket of biscuits and crescent rolls.

Hugging the Bandit.

Leeloo MultiPass. Not her real name, but that’s what she’s called.

Glazed spiral ham.

Spatchcock. Whole chicken split down the breast, spread, and broiled.

Sleeping Bandit.

My father’s burial.

At Young Street Cemetery in East Hampton, CT.

Dad’s grave. The folded flag was donated to VFW post 5095. The stuffed wolf was buried with his urn. He loved wolves.

My father got a 21 gun salute from the VFW. Unfortunately, the primary family members were seated where we couldn’t get a good look, or stand up because the seats were so tight and cramped.


Cemetery sign.