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This Story Is a Horror

Botanists developed a flower so perfect, they worship it as god. They formed a cultivar. They call it the Flame.

Priests of the cultivar, posing as florists, are trying to spread the Flame. Don’t let them. Only you can prevent florist friars.

Ken Dodd, Veteran British Comedian, Is Dead at 90 – The New York Times

“He married his longtime partner, Anne Jones, on Friday.” Ummm… “It’s your funeral” is supposed to be just an expression… (Coyoty)

A titan of a vanishing age of comedy, Mr. Dodd played a record 42 straight weeks at the London Palladium and enjoyed fame comparable to the Beatles’. (NYT)


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These Musical Instruments Are All Made of Ice | Travel | Smithsonian

Ice Horn

Chill out at Norway’s Ice Music Festival this February

Source: These Musical Instruments Are All Made of Ice | Travel | Smithsonian