Terrance Dicks, ‘Doctor Who’ Mainstay, Dies at 84 – The New York Times

He wrote numerous episodes of the long-running show, as well as dozens of novels for young readers based on its scripts.

Would You Like to Buy an Extinct Volcano? | Smart News | Smithsonian

You can own a real volcano in England for around $60,700.

The U.K.’s Posbury Clump may not have the snazziest of names, but the site boasts a rich history—and is available for around $60,700

Source: Would You Like to Buy an Extinct Volcano? | Smart News | Smithsonian

BBC – Travel – The US island that speaks Elizabethan English

The island of Ocracoke in North Carolina is known for its distinct ‘Hoi Toider’ brogue (Credit: Credit: Peter Ptschelinzew/Alamy)

Native Americans, English sailors and pirates all came together on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina to create the only American dialect that is not identified as American.

Source: BBC – Travel – The US island that speaks Elizabethan English

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

Coyote is sure he’s a beauty.

Collector’s coin of Coyote from the Gunnerkrigg Court web comic by Tom Siddell. It shows Coyote’s eye and grin over the surface of the moon, which has Annie’s fingerprint on it.

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Mary Midgley, 99, Moral Philosopher for the General Reader, Is Dead – The New York Times

Writing into her 90s — her last book was published last month — Dr. Midgley challenged with wit and verve the primacy of science as arbiter of reality.