Queen for a Day. Monday.

Queen for a Day.  Monday.

Unlike another striped cat, Tigress loves Mondays. They mean she might dress up and pose for a Macro Mondays challenge, which for this week is “Queen”. What’s the point of being an action figure if you don’t get any action? Today she feels like royalty!

For her raiment, she’s chosen a crown with a stunning blue tiger’s eye stone. Because she’s a tiger, and she’s got a good eye for haute couture, which is this week’s FlickrFriday challenge.

This is another successful experiment in depth perception, and the use of a tablet for lighting and effects. I found a stock photo of London to display on the tablet, which is propped just two inches behind Tigress. The brightness of the tablet darkened her front, so I lit her with a full spectrum lamp. When I brightened the photo in Photoshop, the effect of the lamp made the background look like a bright sunlit day, and the bokeh makes it look like a realistic distance behind her.

Only One App

Only One App

Magic-Brain Calculator, purchased from a TV Guide ad in the 1970s. All it does is add and subtract things, but it does it without electricity, mechanically. It came with a stylus, but you can use a pen or pencil tip to slide the geared tabulators. When done, you zero it by pulling the handle at the top.



Tablets are convenient, but they can’t beat the feel of a good book. The pages, the bindings, the fabric, the covers, the papercuts…

It’s not a computer monitor, but the tablet is just as good for getting unique “moonlight” lighting on a subject, this time from below and the subject directly on the light source.

For the curious, the book is Volumes I & II of the complete Burton translations and notes of “The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night”.

For this week’s Macro Mondays’ challenge, “Member’s Choice: Texture”.

Watch: Marvel, Oculus Announce New VR Co-op Title ‘Powers United VR’

Watch: Marvel, Oculus Announce New VR Co-op Title ‘Powers United VR’

Now you can BE Rocket Raccoon in virtual reality! Marvel and Oculus announce a VR game only for the Rift where you can play Marvel characters like Rocket Raccoon and the Hulk from their viewpoints, virtually in their bodies.