Part of a keychain flashlight.

Coyoty eats a rabbit.

At Bigelow Grille in Pittsburgh, PA in June.

Pecan Meadows rabbit with “English peas, Heirloom carrots, morel mushrooms pappardelle, pearl onions”, pasta, and watercress.

Kentucky Spring: “Jalapeno infused Jim Beam Bourbon, lemon, lime and fresh mint.”

House-made focaccia bread and dipping oil.


Water and plant.

Bigelow Grille patio.

Mojito ice cream.

A Rediscovered Mark Twain Fairy Tale Is Coming Soon – The New York Times

A Rediscovered Mark Twain Fairy Tale Is Coming Soon – The New York Times

The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine is an expansion of a recently discovered fairy tale by Mark Twain, written and illustrated by Philip and Erin Stead for Doubleday and Hartford, CT’s Mark Twain House, based on an outline and notes from the Twain archives at the University of California, Berkeley. It’s the only known fairy tale that Twain had written down after improvising it verbally for his daughters. It’s the story of a boy who gains the ability to talk to animals after eating a magic flower and goes on a quest to find a wicked king’s kidnapped son. It includes an argument between Twain and the story’s writer over how it should be completed. It will be published this fall by Doubleday.