Coyoty eats French toast and fruit.

At the City Cafe gourmet coffee shop in Pittsburgh, PA in July.

Cafe owner and menu board.

Each table has a mini-table with a lamp and menu holder.

Menu, orange juice, and coffee.

Coyoty eats Wendy’s Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Ghost Pepper Fries.

“Brave the sandwich that is equal parts nice and spice with our classic spicy chicken breast, fresh-diced jalapeños, ghost pepper sauce, colby pepper jack cheese, and a red jalapeño bun.” From Wendy’s in Bristol, CT.

The quality of the chicken continues to go down. I remember when their chicken sandwiches were juicy, but this was dry and little better than the cheap breaded chicken patties you get in the supermarket.

“With fresh-diced jalapeños, our signature ghost pepper sauce and melty shredded cheddar, you’ll want to hold on to these hot potatoes.” From Wendy’s in Bristol, CT.

I could barely read the signature. The sauce is spicy, but not really hot, and tasted manufactured. The diced jalapeños look manufactured, like they’re made of plastic, and could just as well have been bell peppers. The fries were barely fried, and undercooked. The “melty shredded cheddar” is standard cheese sauce.

Chimpanzees Take a Huge Step Toward (Some) Human Rights | WIRED

Chimpanzees Take a Huge Step Toward (Some) Human Rights | WIRED

A New York judge has declared that the writ of habeas corpus applies to chimpanzees, making them the first nonhumans to have a person’s rights, or at least one of them.  In a case brought by the Nonhuman Rights Project, Justice Barbara Jaffe ruled that if Stony Brook University could not justify the captivity of two chimps, Hercules and Leo, they must be released to a more humane and natural setting at the Save the Chimps preserve in Florida.

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