Coyoty eats an international pot luck dinner.

Tortellini salad, cream cheese bites, chicken cutlets, taquito, chicken parmesan, chicken enchilada, and spicy Polish sausage. At Tunxis Community College in Farmingon, CT.

Conical Cookies

Almond cookie, lemon cookie, and ginger cookie. From the Barnes-Franklin Gallery at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT.

Using a computer monitor for lighting again, I found the green tinge backlighting the shot complements and contrasts the colors and makes them stand out.

Coyoty eats wild boar meatloaf.

At Sharp Edge Bistro Penn in Pittsburgh, PA in July.

“Wild boar and sirloin blended meatloaf, with creamy wild mushroom reduction, served with Belgian Frites”. I had onion petals instead of the fries.



Wells’ Banana Bread Beer.

Sauteed asparagus.

Crispy fried onion petals.