Coyoty eats a square meal: Swedish meatballs.

From the Corner Cafe at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT.

BBC News – ‘Gerbils replace rats’ as main cause of Black Death

BBC News – ‘Gerbils replace rats’ as main cause of Black Death

Researchers have determined that Asian giant gerbils were the main vector for bubonic plague outbreaks.


Coyoty eats Trader Joe’s Steak & Ale Meat Pie and butter-roasted radishes.

Purchased from Trader Joe’s in West Hartford, CT.

The radishes were a surprise. They came out creamy soft and sweet. I cooked them alongside the pie at 350 F. for 45 minutes, with a dab of butter on each cut end. I think they make a great substitute for roasted potatoes.