Coyoty eats Mister Garibaldi’s Suicide Pizza.

From Pizza Time in Hartford, CT.

As ordered by Babylon 5 security chief Michael Garibaldi: Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes. The sun-dried tomatoes make the pizza, and are a new must-have topping. I had trouble finding a place that has them, though. Some day I’ll find a place that has both sun-dried tomatoes and pastrami, and I’ll be in heaven.

This Bacterium Can Survive on Electricity Alone — NOVA Next | PBS

This Bacterium Can Survive on Electricity Alone — NOVA Next | PBS

In the beginning, scientists thought photosynthesis was the only foundation for life on Earth, and that sunlight was required for the energy that percolated through the food chain.  Then in the 1970s, chemosynthesis was confirmed in life around deep-sea volcanic vents (and more recently, cold seeps).  Now researchers have identified several species of bacteria that get energy directly from energy, or electrosynthesis.  The bacteria feed on electrons, with no intermediary conversions from matter.  Researchers are using batteries in mines to lure electrosynthesizing bacteria so they can culture them and learn how to make bioelectric devices that are cleaner and more efficient than conventional mechanical electricity converters.


Geobacter sulfurreducens breathes by transferring electrons to iron oxides found in soil. (From NOVA Next.)



Coyoty eats spicy pork carnitas.

At Tonic Bar & Grill in Pittsburgh, PA in July.

“diced tomatoes, onions, provolone, and fresh cilantro”. They are spicy and messy. Keep plenty of napkins handy. Especially if you’ve been been walking around all day in the summer because your eyes will be burning from sweat and spice.

Best-looking plate of fries ever.

Upstairs bar.

Water and coffee.

Tsunami. “5 flavored vodkas, fresh squeezed orange, fresh squeezed lime, pomegranate juice”.

Coyoty eats Everything.

Sandwich with roast beef, ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, American cheese, mayo, and mustard on a roll. From the Corner Cafe at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT.