Coyoty eats blueberry Turkish delight.

Made in Turkey by Usas. Purchased at Tangiers in Hartford, CT.

Even though it’s blueberry flavored, the color is more of a sea green. The taste is like floral blueberry. I didn’t know blueberry could be floral, but that happens with Turkish delight.

Coyoty eats seekh kabab.

At Namaste India Restaurant in Southington, CT.

“Skewered ground lamb, spiced with garam masala,onion, ginger and cilantro”. The kababs were served on a bed of peppers and onions, with rice on the side.

Seekh kabab, assembled.


Papadam with sauces.

Spiced coffee.

Interior, with tiny bar and buffet.

Red wall.

Traditional Indian hat.

Traditional Indian hat.

Jhinga Manchurian: “Crisp shrimp in hot cilantro garlic sauce”.

Peacock feather tabletop.

Pistachio kulfi (ice cream).