Recording Industry Sues Ford, GM Over “CD-Ripping” Vehicles – Consumerist

Recording Industry Sues Ford, GM Over “CD-Ripping” Vehicles – Consumerist.

My brain is recording everything I hear and see.  When do I have to be fitted for AARC-approved content transmission regulators?  I hear they also bleep out dirty words and put black bars over naughty bits.  Or I would hear when I tap my temple with the subscription key.  And the visual component will only allow the color red because we won’t need blue or green.

Anthrocon 2014: Rithuld Likes to Move It – YouTube

Anthrocon 2014: Rithuld Likes to Move It – YouTube.

And I’d like the people who keep getting in the way to move it so I can see him. Rithuld the dragon has some moves at the Thursday night dance at Anthrocon 2014 in Pittsburgh.

Coyoty eats a Sonic garlic parmesan cheesy dog, fries, and jalapeno chocolate shake.

From Sonic Drive-In in Bristol, Ct.

The wienie was weeny. The roll was like bread jerky. The fries apparently were fried a few hours before. The cherry was ultra-Maraschinoed. The shake tasted barely of jalapeno or chocolate. They use syrups for flavor and I guess they use them sparingly. This meal cost $7.30.

The “whipped cream” did not melt. Ever. I rushed to my office so the hot weather and car wouldn’t melt the whipped cream, but I had nothing to worry about. After a half-hour of nursing my shake, it still looked “fresh”. An hour later and there was little difference. I think it was really whipped emulsifier.

The counter staff disappeared and never came back. Long after I would expect it would take to make my meal, a server on skates came out to the dining area instead of the counter, calling for me, and I had to play Marco Polo with her. She had the wrong shake and had to go back for the right one. The meal was supposed to be to go, but it came out on a tray and I had to ask for a bag.

I would say this experience was sub-Sonic.

Melt, dammit!