Coyoty eats curried crab and goat.

At Royal Masala Restaurant and Bar in Hartford, CT.

Goat rogan josh: “Goat meat bone-in with whole spic[e]s, tomatoes, onions, ginger and garlic.” I think I will avoid goat from now on. Each time it gets served with unexpected bones (the print menu didn’t mention them), and more of it gets in my teeth and gums than in my stomach.

Royal Masala exterior.

Royal Masala interior.

Mandala artwork.

Tawa crab with salad, and mint black tea: “Crab meat sauteed with curry leaves, onion, squeeze fresh lime and red chili.”

Pistachio kulfi with chocolate: A traditional Indian ice cream dessert.

Liver Responsible for Molecular Culprits of Type 2 Diabetes

Liver Responsible for Molecular Culprits of Type 2 Diabetes.

Researchers in Melbourne, Australia have found that oxygenating chemicals responsible for Type 2 diabetes are produced by the liver.  “We have shown for the very first time that these free radicals inactivate protein tyrosine phosphatases in the liver to activate rogue pathways that promote fatty liver disease and exacerbate the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes.”  The article says the radicals are produced as a response to obesity, but I wonder if they may be a cause instead.  The indications are that they are at least a contributor.

Coyoty eats a bourbon pork chop.

With fingerling potatoes. At Amici Italian Grill in Middletown, CT. I took my father and the rest of the family there for Father’s Day.

My swirly coffee.

Dad’s green tea.

Focaccia bread.

Salad with peppercorn dressing.